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Shenyu Meat Zhuang: In the late Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Wuxi Dongxiang Wang Yunqing founded Shengchang Fuqin Ji Meat Shop in Lianrong Bridge in the north of the city. In 1972, he opened a Chengzhong branch east of Sanfeng Bridge and named Shenyu Meat Zhuang. He brought together the north and the south. The cooking masters of the two schools use a variety of heats, simmered in a tight soup, and blended between the north and the south, and then add the secret recipe of the ancestors to make the color bright, the fragrance is tangy, and the flavor is unique. The ancestral marshal Zhang Xueliang, famous industrialist Rong Desheng, Shanghai celebrity Du Yuesheng, and cultural celebrity Tian Han are regular visitors here. After the three generations of Wang Yunqing, Wang Zhiyuan, and Wang Guohua, Shenyu Rouzhuang has a unique charm.

Tipsy Shanghai brings the classic Wuxi spare ribs from Shenyurouzhuang to New York and invites you to taste the delicacy that has been passed down for centuries.